Packing & Unpacking Services in San Diego

Organizing your life today so that you can have freedom tomorrow!

Packing & Unpacking Services in San Diego

Organizing your life today so that you can have freedom tomorrow!

Customized solutions for Packing and Unpacking

Are you moving out or in to somewhere? You can count on me to pack and unpack things for you more efficiently than you thought possible.

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A functional house means more time for what really matters: you and the people you love.

Competitive Pricing

$55/h/professional for organizing services
$95/h/professional for packing/unpacking services
Discounted flat rates for complete projects

Meet your Personal Organizer

Hi, my name is Alexandra Sanches and I am fueled by my passion to help others organize their home, office, or any space that can help them become more productive in life.

I have a business degree in Administration and Controller and a strong background in efficiency and organization as I am the director of an event planning company. This experience translates to my success on creating organizing systems that actually work and are sustainable. 

There are no projects too big or small that I can not handle. I am excited to take on a new challenge with you!

Testimonials From My Verified Clients

Eva B. Dentist

Ale has organized my girl's closet, my kitchen pantry, my linen closet and my garage. She is so skilled at knowing how to arrange things to create more space and make things more accessible and easier to find. Now I have more time to spend with my children because of her help. I highly recommend Ale to anyone looking to unclutter their house or office.

Roy T. Fisioterapeuta

Ale did an amazing job organizing our home. She organized it better than I could have ever done. She was very professional and on time. Ale was very friendly and I highly recommend her if you need someone to organize your space.

Lorena B. Multimedia especialista

Ale was very helpful during my recent move, not only with ridding me of what became numerous bags of unneeded items, she was also invaluable with helping to clear the clutter from my living space. She was fantastic! She had lots of great ideas about how to store things in such a way that I could find them easily and spend less time searching.

Carla J. Interior Design

She helped me organize my kitchen cabinet and pantry. She did an amazing job. Every Detail was very well organized and my kitchen looks great!

Cait. L Buyer

Ale was an excellent addition while preparing for our out of state move. Our home required a lot planning and structure to make sure contents were packed safely and within a reasonable time frame. She efficiently packed, labeled, and itemized each box making our move-in smooth and organized. Most importantly, her positive energy and focus was extremely appreciated making everything stress free for us throughout the process and day of the movers. I only wish I could have her in Chicago to organize our new home!”

    How I Work

    1 - Schedule an Assessment

    I will drive to your place or FaceTime you in order to get to know your place and more importantly: you! (Ratings may apply)
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    2 - Get a quote

    After we get to know each other and your expectations. You will get an estimate quote on how much it will cost to perform the job.
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    3 - Enjoy your time

    Leave the heavy work to me and focus on what really matters. Get used to having more free time, which is a direct result of your functional house.

    You are not alone!

    You can count on someone that values your time and personality in order to achieve the functional house of your dreams. 

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